Questions? Veronika has the answers!


Our Senior Recruiter Veronika has been working with us since 2018. She has interviewed plenty of candidates and gives us additional information on the recruiting process and answers some of the most frequent questions asked by candidates.

How do people know if they are a good fit for Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Czech Republic? 

We are still a small company, but our culture is very open, and we work on different tasks internationally. Our employees are open-minded, they are eager to develop their skills, cooperate with their team members, share the knowledge, think creatively, they work constantly on process improvement and often come up with their own projects.

This is something what describes us and how the DTSE CZ life looks like. If this sounds familiar to you, you might be a great fit for our company.

In terms of skills and experience, what are you looking for in candidates? 

Along with English as company language, sometimes we are also searching for candidates with other languages like Polish, German, Hungarian, etc. For hard skills, I would say it differs from position to position. We are seeking candidates with accounting, procurement skills, data science, data analysis and so on.

But we do not look only into hard skills. Your personality, working attitude, ability to cooperate with colleagues...This is something we cannot miss because we do not hire employees only to perform on the position, he/she creates the company culture and brings our guiding principles to life.  

How should candidates prepare for a phone interview? 

Phone interview (prescreening call) is scheduled as the first step after we receive your application. Be ready for a 30 mins phone call with a recruiter who will ask you several questions to find out more details about your qualification, experience, expectations. My personal tip? Be honest, think about your motivation in advance, do some small research about our company, ask your questions and be open. This all will help to make the call beneficial for both sides.

Do you have multinational teams in the office? 

Yes, of course! Our company is providing services for international clients and so we have a lot of employees originally from different countries like Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Morocco, Greece, Egypt, Serbia, Bosnia and so on. We love it; it makes our culture so diverse.

Can you tell us what training and development opportunities are available in the company?

We have plenty of learning opportunities at DTSE CZ. Our HR team is taking care of finding the best one for each employee. We offer e-learning platforms with a very wide range of courses, books, audiobooks, videos, we also provide DTSE CZ internal certifications.

Our employees who have advanced skills and interest to become a trainer can educate colleagues thanks to the program Peer to Peer Trainer, and we are also involved in several international Deutsche Telekom initiatives that provide training like Six Sigma and so on. From time to time, we offer face to face or virtual training focused on improving soft or hard skills.

Do you have any dress code? 

No, there is no dress code. Sometimes it is recommended to wear more professional clothes when some company presentations or international visits are about to come. But during normal days, you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

What does success mean in the company?

For us, success means to have satisfied employees who support each other and are proud to be a part of Deutsche Telekom family. We keen on personal development and growth within the company and the success is when our employees decide to build their career with us.

From the business point of view, success is to have happy customers and be a reliable service provider for other national companies across Europe.