Daniela was at Czechitas Job Fair!

Hey, I am Daniela, the Talent Sourcer.

You probably know me, if you have read my story. Well, in case you missed it, check it here.

I wanted to share with you a few insights about the Czechitas Job Fair, which I have been attending on Saturday 9th.

First of all, I had the chance to present DTSE in front of all participants. I have introduced our company, what we do, our culture and how amazing we are here. I totally enjoyed it!


Image Photo Album Job Fair 9. 6. 2018 Brno by Czechitas.

During the program of the Job fair, I also had the chance to take part in an interesting Workshop about how companies should present itself to potential candidates, how to communicate through the website and how to post jobs!

Czechitas did a qualitative research, with open questions with a target group of about 70 participants.

One of the results which I found quite interesting is the different interpretation of Job descriptions between women and men! Did you know that women do not apply for a job if they do not 100% match with the job description?
On the other side, men apply if they match only with 60% requirements. Do you have the same feeling?

I am also glad that one of the results of the research is perfectly matching with what we do in DTSE Brno.

Candidates like to see real people who work in the company.

In the last months, we have organized different photo sessions with our colleagues! So proud of it!

Unfortunately, in the afternoon I had to leave this interesting workshop because our company had the Summer Event at the lake. I could not miss it!

I am glad I had the chance to join the fair, learn new things and get to know new people. If you want to know more about me, feel free to approach me on LinkedIn.