Personal Development – how Nadina started her own project!


Nadina is one of our Accounts Payable Accountant. She is driving an important project aimed at helping our colleagues from abroad with settling down in Brno. In this interview, she is sharing a few insights about her experience.

How would you describe the environment in DTSE CZ? What are your impressions?

The first thing that comes to my mind would be: comfortable. I love how you get to do something important, whilst your company tries to create a stress-free environment for you. Not only by numerous activities that DTSE CZ is offering, but also by using the team spirit to create a sense of unity and belonging. The whole climate is very positive, stimulating and the emphasis is on the attempt to show how valuable what we are doing is.

How do you perceive development in DTSE CZ?

DTSE CZ made the first important step by letting workers express their opinion. With such freedom, the company can only grow and develop further as it is receiving the necessary and honest feedback. And by responding to that feedback company tells you that your opinion matters. This leads us to another point: self-development. This was obviously recognized by DTSE CZ, as it created multiple development opportunities through a sort of “internal academy”, where you can learn new skills, gain certificates, participate in projects or simply create new ones. Opportunity is there, but it is up to each and every one of us to decide whether we are going to use it or not. It is an extra mile, but it is worth it.

Are you working in any Project?

Yes, the project Czeched-In is my way of using the opportunity of self-development DTSE CZ offers and, at the same time, combining it with something I am very passionate about. I am an expat and when I was going through the procedure of moving here more than a year ago, I faced an exhausting visa process. I did not only have to deal with the new environment and culture but also the new laws, bureaucracy, and language barrier.

So, after consulting with my colleagues and thanks to their support I was ready to present a completely new idea to our Management. A project aimed at welcoming and supporting our foreign newcomers by giving them the necessary information, explaining what to expect and be there for them with every step of the process. I had an amazing feedback and people felt enthusiastic about the topic, so some of them decided to come on board and help us get our foreign newcomers “Czeched-In”.

How do you enjoy leading the team?

We are still at the beginning and we are about to engage in something quite important for the company. I feel that the team is being led by all the constructive ideas and suggestions that each and every one of us has, and I am just there to help it evolve in a particular direction. I feel it is a great responsibility though, but I am sure that with the right people and mindset, we will give a significant contribution and leave our magenta trace in this new journey through DTSE CZ universe.