How do we support learning?


We enjoy a world, rapidly changing, where there are always new skills, tools, and techniques to learn to be ready for changes. In order to support and promote the learning experience of our employees, we have created a virtual Campus, making various types of learning resources available.

There are many different approaches to learning. Each employee uses various techniques and has but the process of learning can be effective only when the learning path is clear, while expectations and activities are set.

In DTSE CZ we promote a culture of self-evaluation and assessment. This is mixed with a collection of practices and processes that encourage employees to develop knowledge and competence.

How the does learning process looks like?

The first step is obviously the self-evaluation. Our Team leaders and manager support and involve employees in evaluating their own work and learning progress. Through this process of evaluation, employees stay involved and motivated on self-reflection and responsibility for our learning.

What are the results of the assessment?
Normally every employee can identify skill gaps, where their knowledge is weak and are able to see where to focus their attention on learning. 

Employees, together with supervisors, are then able to plan and develop a Training Plan. What will be taken into consideration?
DTSE CZ offers to employees a variety of learning opportunities. Therefore a careful planning of the activities takes place. If online training, or on the job, it gives to employees a pleasant and meaningful learning experience. Last steps in the learning process are monitoring and evaluation the learning process to reflect on progress made and feedback to next steps.

To learn more about learning opportunities in our company read the article about the DTSE CZ Campus.