My Job as: Inhouse Talent Sourcer

Today we asked a couple of questions, during a coffee session, to our colleague Daniela Hůdová to find out more about her experience in DTSE CZ.

Who are you? :) 
I am Dája, student, traveler and coffee lover. 

What means being a Talent Sourcer?
If I tell someone I am a Talent Sourcer, most of the people reply: “Oh you are calling to the people and offering the job to them”. Actually, it is true but not entirely. Yes, I am calling to talents and sometimes it is pretty hard to find the right person who meets the requirements. Most often, for sourcing candidates, I am using LinkedIn. From time to time GoldenLine, X-Ray Google search, databases of, or Maybe it seems easy but sometimes, it takes time to create the right string and find the correct keywords. 
So when I find the right candidate, if he/she is interested, finally I have a call a pre-screening call. If the candidate is really good and qualified, I resend him/ her to our recruiters and they start the recruitment process.
Sourcing can be from time to time a little bit challenging. However, if I find the right person to the right position, it is worth it. 
When I want to “relax” I am posting our job offers on our social media channels or support DTSE CZ employer branding activities.

What do you like most of your job?
I like to see results of my job. So when I pass on a candidate to recruitment girls and they write me in next two weeks that we will hire the candidate, it is a real satisfaction for me. 

What do you enjoy most of DTSE CZ?
Definitely the people here. I can see many skilled colleagues from whom I can learn so much. Also, we are still growing and I am happy to be part of this.

How can candidates get in touch with you?
The best way how to reach me it is on LinkedIn. I am connected almost nonstop.